Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dentist Maple Grove & Brooklyn Park, MN

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We want our patients to have someone they can lean on. At Arbor Lakes Dental, we provide emergency dental care to eliminate discomfort and restore healthy smiles!

We are currently open to treat anyone with dental emergencies!

Naturally, to safeguard the health of our other patients and our team, we will ask questions when you call for your appointment to ensure you are otherwise healthy and can be treated in our office and do our best to provide same-day dentist service.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

When might you need emergency dental care? Many people think of a dental emergency as a broken or cracked tooth, a severe toothache, or trauma to the teeth or jaw. But the realm of why you might need an emergency dentist is much larger than that.

If you are suffering from any dental discomfort it could be considered a dental emergency. Even just sensitivity to hot and cold could be considered a dental emergency as it may quickly lead to something more serious.

visit our emergency dentist to relieve your severe toothache serving Brooklyn Park MN

Physical Trauma

Tooth trauma can happen in a car crash, sports activity, or workplace accident. Maple Grove emergency dentist, Dr. Samual Bach, sees broken, chipped, and knocked-out teeth frequently.

The sooner you are able to contact our emergency dentist, the more easily we can repair your smile. Save the natural tooth or the pieces of the natural tooth when possible. Call us right away to get instructions from our emergency team.


If you’re suffering from a severe toothache, you may be in need of emergency dental care. A toothache can be debilitating, distracting you from your daily routine. A toothache may also be an indication of a serious underlying issue.

Contact our emergency dentist to ask about your toothache. He will make sure that the cause of your toothache is treated.

Let Us Help You with Your Urgent Dental Care Needs Today!

Our team will alleviate your pain and concern as soon as possible. We are happy to make time in our schedules to treat patients who require emergency dental care. You are our first priority, and we are usually able to make time to see emergency patients the same day they call.