What You See And What You Don’t

If you have had restorations, orthodontia, or a complete smile transformation, you want people to notice the final outcome – your remarkable smile. There is a lot, however, that is going on behind the scenes. This post from Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove talks about a critical procedure that makes a huge difference in your smile, but is so subtle most people won’t be aware of it.

Clear Braces
Not everyone wants to flash a metal smile while their teeth are being straightened. In fact, we’ll guess that no one does. Clear braces from Invisalign keep your secret safe because they are nearly impossible to see them while they are being worn.

Clear braces are really known as aligners. They look a lot like an athlete’s mouth guard. People love them not only because they’re almost undetectable when you wear them. They also come out at meal time and when you brush your teeth.

For best results, you need to wear them at least twenty-two hours a day. But that’s a whole lot better than metal braces attached to your teeth 24/7/365.

Another great feature of Invisalign braces is how comfortable they are. In a survey of people who had gone through the treatment, more than half said they experienced only mild discomfort with them, and another thirty-five percent said they had no discomfort at all.

Invisalign braces are not, of course, totally invisible. But for all practical purposes, they are. People may not even notice them when they’re looking right at your from just a few feet away.

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