What Can Fluoride Do For You?

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In this post from Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove, we focus on fluoride: what is it, exactly, and why is it so beneficial to your dental health?

The Miracle Mineral

Fluoride is a mineral, plain and simple. It is found in different foods as well as in water. Fluoride is also added to dental products. This makes it possible for you to apply fluoride to your teeth when you brush your teeth or use mouth rinses.

And why would you want to put fluoride on your teeth? Because it helps to prevent decay, of course! Fluoride gives your teeth stronger resistance against the acid attacks brought on by plaque bacteria, as well as sugar in the mouth.

Essential for Young Teeth

Fluoride is especially critical for kids. Between the ages of 6 months and 16 years, the primary and permanent teeth come in. Fluoride is extremely helpful in building a strong foundation for lifelong oral health.

At Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove we want all our patient to enjoy strong teeth and healthy gums. Ask us about fluoride treatments, and whether they’re right for you. Our services include family and restorative dentistry. Call to schedule your next checkup today!

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