Stay Out Of The Dental Danger Zone

Stay Out Of The Minneapolis Dental Danger Zone

You would never consider running a red light at a busy intersection, or crossing over a lane of orange construction cones on the freeway. But a word of caution from Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove: you might do some everyday things that are risky to your dental health.

What follows are some common habits that could be detrimental to the health of your teeth.

Crunching ice between your teeth might be refreshing, but it can actually break a tooth. It can also harm the soft tissue inside your mouth. If this tissue gets irritated, you’re more likely to get toothaches and have increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Participating in your favorite sport without a mouth guard is a risk that no one should take. If there is a chance that a mouth injury could occur (and there is with most sports) then get yourself fitted with a mouth guard.

Using your teeth to open anything is a bad idea. Every time your teeth come in contact with foreign objects there is potential for chipping and cracking. Remember, there’s always a right tool for the job.

Now that you know how to avoid these risks, please take the appropriate precautions! It really doesn’t take much to protect your teeth, and it is totally worth the effort.

At Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove, we want all of our patients to have and keep healthy teeth and gums. Our services include family and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next cleaning and checkup today.

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