Sore Tooth? Don’t Wait!

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People who wait to have a sore tooth checked usually end up saying, “I wish I had seen the dentist sooner.” A toothache is sending a simple message. Something is wrong, and you should call Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove without delay.

A tooth may become sensitive to pressure when chewing or biting, or to hot and cold beverages. Or there may be a sharp pain or a persistent, dull ache. If you wait, the cost to treat it may rise as the pain gets more acute.

Mouth pain is never “normal.” We will determine the cause of the pain so proper treatment can begin. Possible causes of pain include tooth decay, gum disease, a broken crown, mouth sores, bite issues, and TMD (temporomandibular disorder). Let us take care of you and you will quickly be back to pain-free eating, grimace-free speaking and better sleeping.

At Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove, your dental health is important to us. We offer family and cosmetic dentistry and a full range of dental services. Schedule your next checkup with us today.

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