7 Steps For A Healthy Smile

Minneapolis Extreme Smile Makeover

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” When Benjamin Franklin said that in the 1730s he meant fire safety. But like all timeless quotes, it applies to many more aspects of modern life. At Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove, we apply it  to dental health. Keeping your smile beautiful and healthy […]

Super Smiles For Life

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Your child should be naturally proud of his or her smile. It expresses joy, laughter, and fun! To make sure your child has a healthy and attractive smile, start bring them to Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove early. We recommend a child’s first dental visit when their first tooth erupts. An early check is the […]

Go Back In Time

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So you’ve lost some teeth and hesitate to smile because of the gaps. If only you could go back in time and regain that full-toothed smile you once had. Guess what? With dental implants from Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove, you can! For most patients, a dental implant is the ideal replacement for a […]

Why Visit The Dentist?

Why Visit The Dentist?

At Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove, we want to see each one of our patients for a cleaning and checkup twice a year. Most of the time we try to get you to schedule your next appointment even as you leave the office from your latest one. There are some very good reasons for […]

Maple Grove Mouths And Stomatitis

Minneapolis Mouths And Stomatitis

This message from Arbor Lakes Dental in Maple Grove is about mouth sores. The mouth is a bad place for sores Even the smallest irritation in the mouth can cause serious discomfort. Non-specific irritations in the mouth have a name. They are called stomatitis. A good general definition for stomatitis is the inflammation of the […]