Can I Get a Metal-Free Tooth Implant?

are metal-free tooth implants better? Maple Grove

Many Maple Grove dental patients are turning to metal-free dentistry. Instead of amalgam fillings, they choose composite and porcelain restorations. Non-metal fillings and crowns can be matched perfectly to your natural tooth color. Some individuals are sensitive to the metals used in conventional fillings. Non-metal materials can prevent potential tooth sensitivity. Controversy Over Whether Dental Amalgam is […]

3 Smart Smile Solutions

smile makeovers Maple Grove

In today’s message we will concentrate on three innovative procedures used in smile makeovers. 1. Tooth Implants Tooth implants are altering the face of dentistry. For most patients, a s the ideal solution for a missing tooth. A dental implant is a metal (usually titanium) rod implanted into the bone to replace the missing root […]